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Why Trump is here to Stay

There is a natural human tendency to believe that the outcome one hopes for is more likely than the one we deem to be undesirable. This goes for sports fans adamant that their own team’s victory is certain, and to every individual convinced of their own exceptionalism. Everyone believes, not what can be empirically proven, but what they want to be true. This is as much the case with politics as it is with every other facet of life and as a result many of those who wish to see Trump out of office cling to the hope that the allegations around Russia which seem to increase in their potency with each passing day will result in Trumps deposition from the office of the presidency. In all likelihood however this idea that Trumps impeachment is a foregone conclusion is little more than a fantasy. There are three major reasons why Trumps impeachment is highly unlikely. It is not yet confirmed that Trump was directly involved in collusion with Russia The allegations regarding collusion

The Return of Tyranny

On July 4th of 1776 a new republic was founded, at the time it was the sole nation in which democracy, a political model that has become near ubiquitous of late, was the ruling ideology. The new republic marked the onset of a new age in which all could be equal, and in which the rule of tyrants would be prevented. In what Francis Fukuyama termed the end of history, It was to be an age of liberty and with the widespread adoption of democracy across the world in the near 250 years following the establishment of the United States it appeared, that this ideal could be at last realized . But in recent years it has seemed that the world is no longer moving towards the “End of History” as regimes around the world seem to slide ever further back towards authoritarianism. The new tyranny however is not one of monarchs and dictators decrying democracy and taking control as the founding fathers might have envisioned. Rather the new tyranny is one in which the citizenry willingly give up their ow