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Crocodile Tears for Kurdistan

Amid the chaos of the Syrian Civil War a chaotic changing of the guard between NATO powers has occurred, with American forces organising a hasty retreat and Turkish forces fighting their way into Northern Syria simultaneously. This Turkish invasion has been greeted with the same tired and inept response from American politicians we have come to expect when an anthropomorphic humanitarian disaster occurs and there is no money or strategic gain to be made in its rectification. First came the storm of tweets and prayers from politicians the world over ready to express in 30 seconds or less their great sympathy for the soon to die innocents of Kurdistan. Once this great sympathy has been sufficiently displayed the serious work government begins in apportioning the blame.  The assignment of culpability in the Syrian civil war requires a certain measure of nuance. Certainly the most guilty of causing of the catastrophe in Northern Syria was the Turkish government which invaded, but such